Custom Mouldings

Custom mouldings include over 1000 listed profiles. These are available in customers' choice of wood species and can typically be completed in 5 working days.
Browse our custom mouldings according to moulding type listed below


Casing Profiles


Base Profiles


Chair Rail, Bed, & Panel Moulding Profiles


Back Band Profiles


Crown Profiles


Tongue and Groove,
Plinths, & Handrail Profiles


Door Stop Profiles


Miscellaneous Profiles


Bullnose Profiles

Stock Profiles

  • The profiles listed here are kept in stock for walk-in customers.
  • All these items are stocked in poplar, and some are also stocked in soft maple and red oak, but typically in smaller quantities.
  • Larger orders of these profiles as well as the many profiles in the SWD Trim Catalog can typically be completed within 5 business days.

Custom Profiles

We also specialize in custom profiles. Custom profiles are made exactly according to customers' specs, and are often used to match existing profiles. Typically for custom profiles the customer brings a sample or an exact drawing which we use to create a new profile to match it. Please contact us for more information about custom profiles.
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